Ripples in the pond

For the last while, I didn't know what to do, what to say, how to say it... and I didn't feel like I had a story to tell. No. That's not right. I didn't feel like I had the story that I wanted to tell.

A warrior of the mind

What happens when mental fatigue and brain fog start impacting every part of your life? If you only had a small percentage of your brain to work with, what would you do? Get frustrated and give up? Or try and use what you did have to the best of your ability? I had to learn to be more efficient with that small amount of brain power I had left that wasn’t busy healing my body. Doing what I’d always done in the same way but less often wasn't the way forward. Trauma happens in everyday life, and it changes the brain. But so does healing. Here’s how I started healing my brain.

So who wants to dance with the rabbit down the hole? : PODCAST

It’s not often (okay, it’s like never) that I let people see into what I refer to as Wonderland... which is my own personal madness. So this podcast is way outside my comfort zone. But it’s an important conversation to have. Because mental health doesn’t discriminate. And we all need to work together to break the stigma. So have a listen... and please be gentle with your feedback.

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