Fight the wind or go with the flow

To Jump The Gun (def): to do something too soon, especially without thinking about it. (aka: what could go wrong). Leads to saying things such as "It's fine." Sounds like a perfect combination for my 600km qualifier for PBP.

Goals don’t always equal mojo

So the road to PBP is long. Next year August long. Which is an awfully long time to stay motivated for.

In fact, I'd argue that it's impossible to stay motivated for that long, and it's normal for the mojo to come and go.

I guess I just didn't expect it to go away quite so soon...

Surviving down time

Sounds weird doesn't it? I mean, how hard can down time be? You get to sleep in, eat whatever you want, drink any day you want, spend precious time with the family, and generally aren't fatigued/sore/falling asleep on the train. Essentially you get to be a 'normal' person. But what happens when you don't want to come back to the bike?

A Comedy of Errors: The Apocalyptic Tour of the Goldfields

Sometimes there are rides where you're feeling strong, everything goes to plan and you have an amazing ride. Sometimes there are rides where nothing goes to plan, you're having an off day, and it's a great blog. And then there's this ride. Where nothing went to plan, it was a terrible day for the bike, and yet I felt great. Except for mild hypothermia...

Dirty Oppy: The Other Side

Over the last 18 months I have been supported, both physically and mentally, by two of the best mentors around. This was my chance to give back and support them, and view The 24 hour Oppy from the other side.

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