Awkwardly Gritty: PODCAST

After I returned home from Europe post PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris) I got a message from Jen at Sparta Chicks Radio: would I do a follow up podcast?

I said no.

No because I wasn’t ready to talk about it. No because I wasn’t in any way shape or form prepared to share what I went through. No because the trauma was way too real. It was too soon. I was too raw. I wasn’t in a good space.

And no because… well, I didn’t think anyone would want any more details than I’d already talked about on the blog.

Turns out I was wrong.

What it’s about

Jen says: In Part 1, Tiff shares:

* the last 3 months of her preparation for PBP including how she tried to balance full-time work, her training load, family and travel,

* how her self-confidence got ‘wobbly’ when she arrived at bike check-in for PBP,

All of the people…

* why she chose to start her race at PBP at 4.30pm,

Mornings aren’t really my thing. Safer to start when I’m strongest!

* the reason she struggled during the first 70km (of a 1,200km event) and the point at which she realised listening to other people’s advice was no longer serving her,

The peloton of hell

* what she loves about riding through the night and what her ‘sleeping’ plan was going into the event, 

Even at night it wasn’t that quiet on the roads… but quieter than during the day!

* what happened to her “lady parts” during the ride and why she needed white wine vinegar, and

You didn’t really think I’d post a picture of “that” did you?? But this is my face after nearly 700km of riding on the “traumatised lady bits.” It’s not pretty.

* why she ultimately had to stuff a bidden into her bra to hold her head up after her neck muscles stopped working around the 900km mark. 

Just like a cravat. Posh eh?

How to listen:

To listen to the podcast on, click your link of choice below:

Note however that it’s probably best to listen to this with headphones on… it does get sweary.

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