Second post PBP interview

It’s time to hit the news again with WIN News Bendigo!

Luckily it stopped raining long enough for us to shoot the interview, but it was rather chilly filming during early spring-time in my cycling gear!

After some fun work riding my bike in circles around the track, Shannon tweeted this action shot of James being very trusting that I wasn’t going to end up running him over.

Then it was time for the 6pm news… that evening!

The video on Facebook can be seen by clicking here, or watch below.

Woodend’s Tiffany Winchester has completed the Paris-Brest-Paris ride in seventy-six (76) hours and thirty-eight (38) minutes. Now in the top ten (10) per cent of the world’s female endurance riders, her sights are now on London-Edinburgh-London.

The interview was conducted by Shannon Schubert and published on October 9th.

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