When others tell your story

WIN News Bendigo

Woodend’s Tiffany Winchester will represent Australia in what’s nicknamed the Olympics of ultra endurance cycling. 

She’s aiming to ride twelve hundred kilometres in three days in a French event in August.

The original post on Facebook can be seen here: Ultra Endurance Cyclist

The interview was conducted by Shannon Schubert and published on June 21st.

Midland Express

How it appeared in the paper can be seen below, but for those who need a little bigger font see the article here: To Paris and back. The story was covered by Valarie Hornbuckle on June 25th.

ABC Radio (Central Victoria)

I spoke with Jonathan Ridnell on the breakfast show on June 27th. He does a brief introduction pretty early in this piece, and it takes about 6 minutes 45 seconds before we start talking (right after the first song).

The link to the radio show can be found here: Breakfast – ABC.

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