1000km of Dad Jokes

When considering a 1000km ride over three days, one could be overwhelmed by the distance. Disheartened after two days of never ending headwind. Demoralised with the hours and hours of rain squalls.

Or one could consider how many stories and dad jokes one could fit into all that time on the bike. Or as I call it, the longest coffee ride ever!

And that’s not even counting the potential for tiger attacks.

Here’s how the Geelong Flyer went down: in video.

For those who missed the writeup, the first blog can be found here: The Geelong Flyer.

Thanks again to Ties Urie Photography for editing and producing these videos!

Ride Stats

  • Distance: 1007.6km with 5271 vertical
  • Elapsed time: 64 hours 30 minutes
  • Moving time: 42 hours 1 minute
  • Average speed: 24.0 km/h
  • Calories burnt: 13206
  • Average temperature: 13 degrees

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