Tiffo talks: PODCAST

Not too long ago I got a message on Instagram: would I be interested in being interviewed for Sparta Chicks Radio?

Sparta Chicks Radio – hosted by Jen Brown, founder of Sparta Chicks – is a podcast of open and honest conversations about the realities of fear and self-doubt and how you find the courage and bravery you need to chase your goals and dreams.


Now I’d been following and chatting with Jen for a couple years already, and am a big ‘fan’ of the work she is doing, so of course I said yes!†

We recorded the episode on May 1st, and it went live on June 10th.

What’s it about?

Jen says: In this conversation, Tiff and I discuss

  • her “25 year rest week” she took after her first bike race (and how she didn’t touch a bike again until her late 30s)
  • how she got back into exercise in her late 30s (initially it was ‘procrasta-hiking while doing her PhD)
  • how she resisted the idea of cycling at first because her identity was so connected to being a runner
  • the “intervention dinner”’ that resulted in a plan to get her back into cycling (and why she hated cycling for a few months)
  • the importance of taking your training (but not yourself) seriously
  • why she had to stop racing for her mental health and instead discovered ultra-endurance cycling
  • the importance of setting up your bike correctly for ultra-endurance cycling; your lady bits will thank you 
  • how her love of doughnuts was born 
  • the confidence that comes from pushing through the “darkness” on a long ride and finishing what you set out to do
  • her experience with the Imposter Complex
  • why she didn’t consider herself a cyclist until after her first 1,200km ride
  • the impact of social media on her perception of herself as a cyclist and how it fed her Imposter
  • how she finds time to train for an event like the 1,200km Paris-Brest-Paris while balancing full-time work and a family

How to listen?

To listen to the podcast on, click your link of choice below:

Note however that it’s probably best to listen to this with headphones on… it does get sweary.

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