Road to PBP 2019 Part 3

My third PBP qualifier was the 400, and on paper it looks ‘easier’ than a 600 right? I mean, it’s 200km less, and it’s only one day not two.

Turns out that it’s not quite as easy as I expected though. I felt pretty good up to about 360km… and then my body just wanted to stop riding. That last 40km really was the toughest 40km of the entire PBP journey so far, and my face at the end of the ride really showed exactly how rough it had been.

So how did I go from this:

I’m singing, I’m dancing, in the rain

To this?


Here’s the run down:

Thanks again to Ties Urie Photography for editing and producing this video.

Ride Stats

  • Distance: 405km with 2601 vertical
  • Elapsed time: 19 hours 7 minutes
  • Moving time: 16 hours 27 minutes
  • Average speed: 24.6 km/h
  • Average heart rate: 137
  • Calories burnt: 6218
  • Average temperature: 14 degrees

6 thoughts on “Road to PBP 2019 Part 3

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  1. You were obviously so tired towards the end of this 400k that you say you were “four hundred and seventy something” km in with thirty something to go. PBP isn’t easy to qualify for or do so congratulations getting this far. Only your 600k to go, which you have done before. I too have never done a “straight 400”, so a new expereince for me to come. I have no doubt you’ll make it to Paris, both once to start and again to finish.

    Good luck for the 600k.


      1. I had’t realised you had done them ‘out of order’, not that there is a problem with that. Congratulations on completing all the qualifying rides. Just the small matter of logistics to get to Paris for August. Chapeau.


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